The One Body Part You’re Not Foam Rolling but Should, According to a Physical Therapist


oam rolling effectively soothes sore muscles,

helps with lymphatic drainage

, and

banishes pain in your hips

. Most people typically stick to the back side of their body when using a foam roller, focusing on areas like shoulders, calves, and glutes for that sweet, sweet relief. But according to

Vinh Pham

, physical therapist and co-founder of

Myodetox Clinics

, you should’t ignore the front side—most notably your stomach.

“Everyone understands that they need to stretch their back, but rarely do people stretch the front of their body—in particular their stomach area—and that’s a big mistake,” he says. “Your stomach tissue often gets tight and compressed over time due to long periods of sitting or endless set of crunches.”

When you have a compressed midsection, Pham says it will limit the ability for your ribcage to stay upright. This, in turn, pushes your neck forward. “It gives you a hunchback appearance—the dreaded forward head posture,” he says. The good news is foam rolling your stomach can counteract this from happening, and then some. “Opening up your stomach tissue will not only help you feel more relaxed overall, but it might also relieve some of your chronic neck and shoulder stiffness that you feel from working at the office all day.”

Because your ribcage will be more mobile, Pham says foam rolling your stomach can even help you breathe easier by allowing you to take deeper breaths. Something that not only benefits you in your day-to-day life, but also when you’re working out, meditating, and

doing breathing exercises to fight off anxiety

. The next time you’re going about your foam rolling routine, add your stomach into the mix by following along with Pham’s instructions below.



TriggerPoint GRID 泡沫軸

(35 美元)和硬表面之類的東西。

  1. 拿起泡沫軸並將其放在地上。

  2. 面朝下以平板支撐姿勢躺下,將腹部放在泡棉軸上。

  3. 從胸腔正下方到腰帶線正上方,上下滾動腹部。

  4. 在任何敏感部位暫停幾秒鐘,然後深呼吸兩次。

  5. 確保覆蓋整個胃部並持續 1 到 2 分鐘。

  6. 完成後,站起來並深呼吸。














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